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I´m honoured that you found your way to this page!


This homepage is for you ... For inspiration ... It´s about alternatives ... Beauty ... Experience ... Being different ... It´s about backpacking as a single mother with a child ... And it´s about connection and sharing with likeminded souls ...


... but honestly, to build this page means much more effort than I expected! Besides that english isn´t my mother tongue and I have no experiences at all in creating a website- I have so incredible much to say and share, that it just takes heaps of time and I need to do everything step by  step. But promise that I´m very motivated to fill this page with love and life! A lot is still under construction but please just have a look!


A few topics are already done or in progress, and soon I like to add home-, un- and worldschooling, sustainable living, eco- community life, van conversions, tiny houses and meditation! Be sure this page is growing continiously and we appreciate all kind of advices and feedback from you! Ths page is for you and I´m happy to share and create it with you!

Who is Yve and why is she doing this?

I´m Yve and 39 years old. My CV looks quite "normal" with school, profession as an administration clerk, single mother... But if you look a bit deeper, you will see: There is no such thing as normal in my life- obviously.

Jez´ world


Hi! I´m Jez and 12 years old. I have travelled quite a lot in this beautiful world. Right now that´s not possible so I like to tell you about it to remember that amaizing times and give you some tipps and I introduce myself!

Backpacking with a kid

We are blessed to look back on 10 years travelling as backpackers in many countries. An incredible time full with adventures and amaizing experiences. How we have done this and where we have been, we tell you here ...

Wild Woman


Women used to gather in circles for ages... And I got in touch with a few modern "versions" of this ancient tradidition in a jade- circle in Wales and a sharing circle in Sweden. This experience was so overwhelming and deep...

*** under construction ***


To follow your own path is the headline of many magazines and books. There comes the question up- are we so unhappy? What´s going on in our society? At any point something went wrong! Why is it normal these days that children are in theraphy and adults suffer of burnout? 


I don´t want to discuss politics here and question our society. That is too much, too high, too frustrating... I like to focus on the "little" precious things in life. Following a call, listening to the heart, making dreams come true...


We all know how difficult it is to change our lifes. The worries and fears about changing a job or breaking up with the partner we have all experienced. And we are creatures of habit which learned to accept with a pinch of being phlegmatic. Humans avoid the unknown, to raise hackles and risks.


But this is our life... And who knows if there comes more after this! Why don´t we make the best of it? I´m myself in a very difficult situation and just found out that I really should take care of myself! That I really should listen to my inner guidance and what my heart has to say!


I had brave times when I took my 2- years old to travel. I tell you more about it on this page and how amaizing that was: To encourage you!!! And my son himself is telling you about his experiences on this youtube channel, please check it out! Honestly, it was so difficult to make that decision as a single mother; but I did it and it was just such an incredible time for both of us! It changed my life and enriched my boy´s life so much! But right now I´m myself feeling very vulnerable and lost, longing for connection and support of likeminded. But I hear the call of my heart better day by day... And a change of my life is near!


I´m happy to have you here, please look around, comment and come back! This page is for you and it will grow with your shares!


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