Welcome dear one!

I´m honoured that you found your way to this page!


This homepage is for you ... For inspiration ... It´s about alternative stuff ... >Wild women ... Beauty ... Experience ... Being different ... It´s about connection and sharing with likeminded souls ... It´s about backpacking as a single mother with a child ... It´s about a meaningful way of life!


A few is already done or in progress, and soon I like to add topics like home-, un- and worldschooling, sustainable living, eco- community life, art (therapy) and meditation! I am dreaming of creating a wonderful place in nature with and for you, where we can connect, be creative, share and lift each other up.


This page is growing continously and I appreciate all kind of advices and feedback from you! This page is for you and I´m happy to share and create it with you!

Wild woman circle


Women used to gather in circles for ages... And I got in touch with a few modern "versions" of this ancient tradition in Wales, Sweden and Ecuador which was so nourishing that I wanted to bring that home ...

Yin Yoga


After ten years of practising Hatha Yoga and some excursions here and there I have found that Yin Yoga is enriching my life especially. I have just started a Yin Yoga teacher training ...

Backpacking with a kid


We are blessed to look back on 10 years traveling as backpackers in many countries. An incredible time full with adventures and amazing experiences. Here it´s about where we have been and ...

Who we are


Yve is introducing herself

Jez is introducing himself



... but honestly, to build this page means much more effort than I expected! Besides that English isn´t my mother tongue and I have no experiences at all in creating a website- I have so incredible much to say and share, that it just takes heaps of time and I need to do everything step by  step. But promise that I´m very motivated to fill this page with love and life! A lot is still under construction but please just have a look!

*** under construction ***


To follow your own path is the headline of many magazines and books. There comes the question up- are we so unhappy? What´s going on in our society? At any point something went wrong! Why is it normal these days that children are in therapy and adults suffer of burnout? 


I don´t want to discuss politics here and question our society. That is too much, too high, too frustrating... I like to focus on the "little" precious things in life. Following a call, listening to the heart, making dreams come true...


We all know how difficult it is to change our lifes. The worries and fears about changing a job or breaking up with the partner we have all experienced. And we are creatures of habit which learned to accept with a pinch of being phlegmatic. Humans avoid the unknown, to raise hackles and risks.


But this is our life... And who knows if there comes more after this! Why don´t we make the best of it? I´m myself in a very difficult situation and just found out that I really should take care of myself! That I really should listen to my inner guidance and what my heart has to say!


I had brave times when I took my 2- years old to travel. I tell you more about it on this page and how amazing that was: To encourage you!!! And my son himself is telling you about his experiences on this youtube channel, please check it out! Honestly, it was so difficult to make that decision as a single mother; but I did it and it was just such an incredible time for both of us! It changed my life and enriched my boy´s life so much! But right now I´m myself feeling very vulnerable and lost, longing for connection and support of likeminded. But I hear the call of my heart better day by day... And a change of my life is near!


I´m happy to have you here, please look around, comment and come back! This page is for you and it will grow with your shares!

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    Shannon (Dienstag, 10 Oktober 2017 22:12)

    Love your page Yve!
    You seem to be such an interesting woman! Wish I was in Germany to join your wonderful circle!!! Love love love from Greece