This is  Jez´ World!

Hi! I´m Jez and 13 years old.


I´m in the 6th year of kinda Highschool in Germany which I don´t enjoy at all. I´m like sports and do boxing for 1,5 years now but just interested to try out anything else like Stick- fighting or so. Ping Pong is a lot of fun, but I´m not so good in that!

I love the sea! Snorkeling, surfing and going by boat is the greatest for me. And I really like fishing, camping and fires on the beach. Climbing on trees and building camps in the forest are good fun, too. I´m interested in woodwork, too but my main hobbys are reading and drawing. With both

I could spend hours over hours. These days I enjoy to drawing wolves as you can see here one of my latest pics.

"Warrior cats" and "Survivor dogs" are my favorite books right now, cats and reptiles are my favorite animals.


When I´m in the right mood I enjoy to play the guitar, but I do give up regularly and no, I don´t think I should ever put a song on youtube *haha*


I like online games, too. Right now I like especially Nebulous, Clash Royal, Minecraft und Rise of Berk. My favorite films are "The hobbit", "Lord of the rings" and "Ho to train your dragon".

Yeah and I love traveling. Really much. But right now I have to go to school and proper travels are not possible, but I really like to tell you about it! It has been quite a lot of countries where my Mom took me and on my new youtube- channel "Jezworld" I tell you where I was and what I liked especially, what I recommend and what I disliked.

But it´s all just my own point of view! And I really worked very hard and spent plenty of hours working on the videos for you, I hope you like them!!! It makes me happy to give you some tips cause traveling is really amazing. Stressful, yeah, but I wouldn´t want to miss a thing! I´m so grateful that my Mom has done this with me. That is was actually a very special thing just came to my mind as I don´t know anyone in Germany who has ever done stuff like us!!! Okay, Cyprus wasn´t my favorite... But be sure you want to hop into the airplane straight away when you have watched my videos!!!!


We have seen definitely some super special places and met so many lovely people, some friendships lasts till today and that means a lot to me!!!



If there is anything what you are especially interested in or if you have any questions: I´m looking forward reading from you in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now, yours Jez

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