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Well, as these times are pretty much over, I am not able anymore to support you. We are living a more or less "normal" life now and Jez is in school. Still happy about sharing experiences but there's no way for any information which are up to date to help you planning your trips.



Jez hopped just before his 2nd birthday on the first flight to the Canary islands. It was a package holiday to a hotel with my mother. But I realized that this kind of holidays still wasn´t for me at all. Even as a single Mom with all those "benefits" like other kids to play and the kids club entertainment, which my boy didn´t use. Besides he couldn´t enjoy the pool cause of his chlorine allergy. 


Just a few months later we went off with a one way ticket and a 60- days- Visa to Thailand to escape a long grey and depressing German winter (and other awkwardnesses. It wasn´t an easy decision against all those surely anxious and well- intentioned points of family and friends to travel alone with my 2- years old boy to Asia. And there weren´t any motivating stories in the internet of families which have done anything similar yet. But fortunately I took all my braveness and did the very first step of a long series of journeys of our little son& Mom- project. This is what I like to talk about on this page and Jez on his youtube- channel, which he is working on hard right now.

And now I like to say some words about traveling alone with a child:


Just the idea of traveling with a toddler does create nightmare visions for some families. A journey by car besides nap time is already very stressful and a flight trip seems to be nearly impossible. What an incognizable drudgery has a single parent to expect!


Parents seem to share in general more the dramatic stories of traveling. Haven´t we all heard of the permanently crying babys in an airplane or had to deal with them already? And we know for sure a story of someone´s friend who has lost it´s kid at a trainstation!


And we don´t want to be related to a massive bored infant, who is terrorizing other travelers...

It goes without saying: Mother nature is happy about every not- done journey! But besides... Isn´t it a pity, when the travel dream can´t come true cause of the child? Especially if it´s not a classical Mommy- Daddy- kid- all- inclusive tour including transport from the airport?


Without judging: Times have changed! The ideal family with Mommy and Daddy no standard anymore and the single parents are having hard times dealing with the everyday- troubles alone! It´s kinda hard part of life to get over a separation, daily worries like sickness, upbringing and work! There comes a question up after a while: And what about me?


Well, I don´t want to discuss the difficult status of single parents here, the internet is full enough with that topic- and I try not to get mad when I think about the travel business, which is such an effrontery to increase the prices for flights and accomodation to fortunes while the school holidays!!! And it´s more than unfair, that you just get the children´s discount if you book a hotelroom with two adults!!! Of course, everybody has to earn money, but damn. Why have to be just the parents the bereaved??? Come on, people travel all year long, isn´t it enough to depend on the weather seasons?!


The parents, if single or couple, are the ones who take care of the most precious in our world: Our children! Imagine the ones who have more than one child! How to afford a holiday in the summer- school- holidays? They do definitely need to relax and recover from time to time! And it´s just such a disgusting business. It´s discrimination. It´s a shame.


And imagine the (single) parents who get interested in travels off the track further away? They usually get to hear, that they are not responsible and everything besides Europe is far too dangerous. Nooo, and please don´t support other countries who live of the travel business as well... And please don´t step outside the boy anyway, you might come home with new ideas...


But these are the travels I like to talk about here, we have done nearly all the trips as backpackers, for ten years! And we are still alive! But I know there are plenty of rocks in the way, if you have never done this before and don´t know people to share experiences... It is super hard really want to plan that kind of trips.


I can just judge about my environment here in the North of Germany, but this part isn´t pretty open to alternative travels. I think it´s mainly about not- knowing. Not knowing about the situation, opportunities, beauty and how little it actually can cost!!! I´m talking here especially about kids who aren´t in school yet and you can make the best of the time with your kid! Besides the official holidays you will find good prices, less crowded areas and more relaxed people! Kids open doors on the travel to locals, especially in the warmer countries like Asia and South America I experienced so much support and met many open hearts!


I like to encourage you: Do it if you wish to. It´s easy and so inspiring. Don´t listen to the ones who don´t understand and try to talk you out of it- they don´t want to understand and get deeper into that topic- and many of them are actually jealous.


Traveling with a kid is amazing and life- enriching! It is easy and depending on your financial situation- it can much cheaper than you may think! It´s just a question of organisation and openness! And when you are on your trip you will find out, that there are many more like you!


Meanwhile my boy is 14 years old and there are many more travel stories available in the internet today. As well about unconventional travels, which is great. But they are mainly written by families, so I will start now to talk with my view of a single mother to encourage other single parents. But advice about travel planning and entertainment on the journeys you find already loads online already, so we want to focus on my point of view as a single mother and, much more important if you ask me, the point of view of a child!


If you are interested check "Jezworld" on YouTube!

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