Border triangle of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina


With it´s second biggest city Ciudad del Este is Paraguay at the border triangle with Brazil and Argentina. The world known waterfalls are located in Brazil and Argentina. Well, the locals have told us with a lot of anger, that the waterfalls used to belong to Paraguay in earlier times. But I haven´t found any information about that so I just leave it here uncommented.


Iguazu waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina

The Iguaçu- waterfalls, which mean "big water" got their name of the same named river, which is the natural border between Argentina and Brazil. You find the bigger part of the waterfalls in Argentina surrounded by stunning nature and animals. You get a beautiful overview of this area from the brazilian side. With around 260 falls you can marvel at the biggest and largest waterfalls on this planet.

It´s a good access to all possible areas by foot on both sides. If you like you can get wet! It depends on circumstances like the weather if it´s possible to reach the "devil´s throat" , when we were there it was quite floodded and we coundn´t visit the little island by ferry. But I can tell you, it doesn´t matter at all. Just make sure you get there on a sunny day as it´s just even more beautiful!  It´s easy to find plenty of hostels in Puerto Iguazú in Argentina (generally a bit cheaper) or in Foz du Iguaçu in Brazil. I haven´t checked for Ciudad del Este, there we just have been for shopping and very cheap restaurants. Time is an important factor to make the best of the highly recommended waterfalls with kids at any age. To save money you really don´t need to book one of the quite expensive guided tours to the falls. You can easily go there by a local bus and don´t worry, it´s a huge tourist attraction, everybody is able to tell you, where you have to change the bus! We wanted to explore the falls in our own time and we took 2 full days for each side. If you are interested in special information you can book a guide directly at the falls or just go closer to any of the plenty groups and listen, what the guide is talking about!

We can´t imagine that people really hurry to the falls and have just one day time. But if you have to do so and are with kids, we would definitely recommend to go to the brazilian side for half a day and the other to the great bird park. You could just make the two sides with a lot of stress, don´t forget you have to cross border and do the paperwork... And for the argentinian side you really need more time. It would be a shame to hurry around there, it´s a lot more to walk as it´s much bigger...  And if you ask, both of us would say, that we prefer the argentinian side, it´s just unbelievable and you get more the natural jungle feeling.

Itaipu dam (Brazil)

This a very interesting place and even though you or your kids are not so much interested in technical stuff- this is kinda fascinating to see.  There´s a Biological Refuge, where they try to make up a bit what they have done to nature and the animals. Well. We have visited it and were a bit unsure about the background and all those talking. I mean, of course you have to destroy nature and cast out and kill a lot of animals- and you get green energy for it. That´s the facts and everybody has to decide what he thinks about it...

Bird park (Brazil)

We highly recommend the "Parque das aves", it´s really really nice. The animals (not just birds!) are well kept and it´s absolutely worth it to go there. We spent a whole day there but half day would be totally okay though! If you keep calm and the birds will come very close, it´s so cool that they are not scared of people! We had a great day there and you really shouldn´t miss it!  As it´s next to the entrance of the waterfalls a combination of both in one day is very easy.



Buddhist Temple in Foz du Iguaçu (Brazil)

This temple is meant to be a place of peace where you can get closer to the buddhist philosophy. It´s bit north of Foz actually. There quite a lot of statues to gaze at but well. It didn´t give us that much actually. It was more a nice break of the city and you get a good view on the bridge between Foz du Iguaçu and Ciudad del Este. There was (2 years ago) no entrance fee.

Zoo Bosque Guarani in Foz du Iguaçu (Brazil)

At the busterminal Urbano is a little zoo with free entrance (2 years ago). Well. If you end up at the terminal with time and are bored, yeah, have a look with your kids and relax in the shade of the trees- but it´s not worth an extra trip there. We found that the zoo doesn´t make much sense and the animals don´t have the best life there...


Well! About everything I have written here you find plenty of information like the actual prices in the internet, I just wanted to give you some general information from our point of view. But we are happy to answer all your questions you may have!



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