Paraguay- the heart of South America

After plenty of  travels in Asia we wanted to try something new. I remember myself reading through a travel guide and realizing, that more than half of the book was spent for Brazil and Paraguay was obviously just worth a few pages. Jez and I decided: If nobody is interested in that country; we go there! After little research in the internet and a mobile app for Spanish- training we booked a flight to the capitol Acunsión. That was the first surprise, the tickets were quite expensive!

Paraguay really doesn´t seem to be a highly frequented country for traveling... But we experienced Paraguay as a nice and simple country with reluctantly but friendly people. If you are anxious and try to speak their language they come out of their shell and are very caring.

It´s the easiest, if you have anything in common. A local family invited us in their house to the South of the country in Atyrá, 60 km from the capitol. We lived with them and were welcome to share their lifes, which was such an honour. We helped with the household, cooked together and joined them to church on sundays as they were religious. As we had our base there we were able to do trips by bus with light luggage, which is generally recommended cause of the high risk of getting robbed as we got to know.  For us I can just say, that we didn´t have any strange or scary situation at all in Paraguay. The bus system is working quite well and the bigger overland buses can be even kinda comfortable- it depends :-)

We got to know everything about the miracle cure plant Moringa, which was growing everywhere in the garden and we had a shake every morning. We did camping in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness with new friends . We got to know the local firefighters of Atyrá and the difficult circumstances with their limited equipment they have to work with. We met gun- toting immigrants, generous locals and cheating ones on both sides. We had a bath in a river and have been told later at a market, where we bought some tasty piranhas for dinner, that they have been caught in the same river.... Jez got a bad cut above his eyes while playing and needed two stitches in the local "hospital", where they cared for him so lovely and the whole service was free of any charge. What a friendly place!

We realized how many German- speaking immigrants live in Paraguay, especially around Caacupé.There´s even a German market... Mainly those people are retired and bought some cheap land with a little house on it to enjoy their retirement. Unfortunately we have made the experience, that many of our fellow countrymen separated themselves from the locals- just a few spoke proper Spanish and in their old language Guarani nobody was interested at all. Actually plenty of them call the locals dumb and incapable, which is really shameful...

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