Wild Woman Circle

Imagine a beautiful place,

where you will be welcomed, accepted and embraced by women just as you are.

Imagine a safe space,

where you don´t have to play the role of a mother, daughter, wife, employee or boss...

Imagine a sacred space

without judgement where you can be free to be yourself in light and shadow.



Women have come together in circles since the beginning of time to share wisdom, celebrate womanhood, connect with themselves and empower each other. But in our modern times women have been disconnected from their true natures. Most women are so focused on getting through each day, fulfilling roles, competing and pleasing everyone that they have forgotten about themselves and who they are. The time has come for women to support each other in sisterhood to reclaim their authentic power.

I am a trained facilitator for circles of

which encouraged me during intensely 7 weeks with precious tools to start my own circle. The wild woman circle I´m going to lead for the very first time in Germany will be a combination of the training, my experiences of different circles I was honoured to take part in Wales, Sweden and Ecuador. These gatherings are an invitation for all open minded women of all ages above 18 to honour and celebrate the wild spirit within each of us. It´s about sharing, understanding, vulnerability, love, care, support and connection with ourselves and your sisters. It has a spiritual touch but won´t affect any religious believes.

I was just longing for a connection myself and want to bring those wonderful experiences from traveling to my home. I absolutely don´t want to make a business out of this, but as that these circles require a lot of preparation and I paid for the leadership training;  I´m going to ask just for a donation which you are free to choose. These circles are my service for you, me and every woman, who hears this call.


We will come together around new moon time, cause this is a time for sowing the seeds of intentions for what we want to manifest later as the moon waxes. New Moon is the time of the month when we tend to feel tired, inward and vulnerable. To connect during this time and hold space for each is very powerful and personal.  I am honoured to create a warm, safe and soul- connective space where everyone could be open and honest; able to share their feelings and experiences. Each circle will be a bit different because of the theme of the month, the energy of the people as well as the energies of the moon.


During the international leadership training at the Wild Woman Project were more than 60 women from all over this planet connected in sisterhood, which was such an inspiring and nourishing experience for me. If I´m really meant to be a circle leader I will think about telecircles in German and probably English, too.






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